5th World Summit of Small Wind

Programm WSSW2014

Small Wind - Success stories from all over the world

Day 1 - Thursday 20th March




beginning time

Opening/Welcome 5th World Summit for Small Wind

New Energy Husum & 
World Wind Energy Assoc.

1:00 PM

Quality, Standards & Certification


1:15 PM

Quality Infrastructure for Small Wind Turbines: Current Status and Future Options

Francisco Boshell, 
IRENA (ITCC), Germany

IEA Task 27 Update: Consumer Label

Ignacio Cruz,
CIEMAT/IEA Task 27, Spain

The sinuous way to Small Wind Turbines’ design and certification

Daniel Navarro

Technology Development


3:00 PM

Aerodynamic and Performance Analysis of Symmetric Airfoil Blade for a small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Prof. C. Y. Son, 
South Korea

Demonstration project: design of small wind turbine generators for Cuban conditions

Prof. Conrado Moreno, 

Small Wind Hybrids for telecom Sector,

Jami Hossain,
WinDForce, India


Panel fiscussion day one


4:30 PM

End first day


5:00 PM


Day 2 - 21.03.2014: Small Wind - Success stories from all over the world


(Programme can be subject to changes)



 beginning tme

Welcome 2nd day

New Energy Husum & 
World Wind Energy Assoc.

10:00 AM 

Small Wind in Denmark – policies and market status

Morten Victor Petersen,
Brancheforeningen for Hustandsvindmoller, Denmark

Biourkizu, a real case approach to a wind energy success story

Juan Carlos Ausín,

Unlicensed Renewable Energy Scheme Application in Turkey as a Path Leading to Community Power

Prof. Dr.Tanay Sıdkı Uyar,
WWEA, Turkey

The windturbines of St. Helena- benefits and impacts, balancing of power and power quality with medium size  windturbines

Frits Ogg,
O2G Sustainable Energy Solutions, Netherlands

WindWorks – Latin American network experience with small-scale wind projects

Carmen Dienst,
Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment
and Energy/WISIONS, Germany

Lunch Break


12:20 AM - 1:30 PM

Small wind energy in Spain – a small but dynamic sector in a difficult political environment

Success Story: application of small wind in truly urban-inhabited sites
Iñaki Eguizábal/Daniel Exner, Kliux Energies, Spain

Success Story: Small wind projects in Spain
Juande Bornay, Bornay, Spain

Success Story: use of small wind turbines for powering off-grid streetlights in New York City
Jan Gromadzki, Urban Green Energy

Beñat Sanz, Spanish Renewable Energy Association - APPA, Spain

Small wind energy in Italy – a feed-in tariff that revolutionized the Italian small wind market

Success Story: Power-one Italy, Power up the industry
Mirko Bindi, Power-One/ABB

Alessandro Giubilo, Italian
Small Wind Energy Association - ASSIEME


Success Story: Small wind turbines in China
Shaonan Yang, China






Panel discussion day two




5.00 - 5.30 PM

5:30 PM – End second day

Moderation Nico Peterschmidt


5:30 PM